Scandinavian Mandal Bar Stool, Oak


  • Weight:

    10 kg

  • Depth:

    42 cm

  • Width:

    42 cm

  • Seat Height:

    68.5 cm

  • Total Height:

    100.5 cm

  • Footprint W x D:

    49 x 48cm

Product Description

The Oak Mandal bar stool, a piece of contemporary Scandinavian design, is an ode to the serene seaside town of Mandal, nestled in southern Norway. Mandal’s sprawling beaches, renowned for their lengthy stretches, are beautifully mirrored in the long, elegantly turned spindles that form the backrest of this stool. This bar stool’s design showcases both craftsmanship and artistic interpretation, promising to add a touch of Nordic charm to your home.

Why Oak? Oak is one of the most unique, durable, versatile, and prestigious wood materials available. It’s also one of the most sustainable. We chose oak not only for its beautiful, swirling grain patterns, but also for its inherent qualities. It’s prized for its resistance to rot and decay due to its high tannin content, which makes oak a natural insecticide.


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